Vision for lifelong learning hub is taking shape

Exciting news for SCALL and our lifelong learning community. The merger of Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy and Pierian Spring Academy will transform the Ringling College Museum Campus into a lifelong learning hub for the community:

The SCALL mission blends well with Ringling College’s effort to offer a “hub” for continuing education and lifelong learning. SCALL will complement this effort by creating a virtual reality, if you will, of the myriad of organizations in our community offering classes, lectures and special events for older adults. The beauty of SCALL’s efforts is that by building an alliance vis-à-vis the website and showcase events, each of the providers of lifelong learning activities can maintain their autonomy and separate identity and uniqueness. SCALL can offer a convenient and in a public way vital information about lifelong learning options in our community. We are dedicated to supporting this effort at raising public awareness and appreciation for what our community of lifelong organizations have to offer.