SU19-05 The Golden Age of Television

Where were you on Tuesday at 8 pm in the early ’50s? Was I Love Lucy a family must-see? How about Sunday at 8 pm? Was Ed Sullivan required viewing for your family? And on Nov. 22, 1963, were you glued to your TV set as the nation mourned together over the assassination of our young president? All these questions and more will be discussed during our trip down memory lane. The instructor will guide you from 1947, the beginning of television, to 1963 and the rise of popular TV shows. Live news broadcasts featuring the early history of television will also be included.

Jordan Shifrin is a retired attorney. He has degrees in history from the University of Illinois and a J.D. degree from John Marshall Law School (IL). Jordan is a film buff and devotee of American history and culture. His previous classes include “The Great American Musical,” “Hitchcock,” “Cowboys and Indians,” and “Cops and Robbers.”