SU19-04 Rascals, Rogues, Royalties, and Ripoffs

The music business—all glitz and glamour? Untold fame and money? Not always. We often see and hear about the success and fame of many music stars, from public relations firms, fan magazines, television, and social media. However, there are many stories of wasted opportunities, shady business deals, and personal disappointments the public never hears about. In this course, we will take a look behind the scenes at the other side of the music business. Does talent always make a difference? Do good guys always win? This fascinating historical journey will look at fame and (mis)fortune in the music business; uncovering the whys and wherefores of the (occasionally) bitter truth.

Tony Moon spent 55 successful years in the music business as an artist, agent, songwriter, producer, and publisher. Moving to Nashville, he became guitarist and conductor for Brenda Lee. He has won awards, with songs released by well-known artists. Tony currently administers an entertainment company and does music research for Sarasota’s Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe.