SU19-02 Quiet the Mind, Relieve Stress, Find Peace with Meditation

In this course, you’ll learn and practice mind-quieting and mind-observation techniques, identifying causes of stress, and learning how to relieve it. We will discuss different styles of meditation, but the emphasis will be on the actual doing, including meditation while walking. The approach is non-theistic and draws on Eckhart Tolle’s ideas on mind observation and presence, as well as on Zen silent illumination. Be prepared for a life-changing experience—one that can impart a deep sense of peace, lower blood pressure, and help change compulsive behavior. Please wear non-restrictive clothing.

Stephen Gillum has practiced meditation for more than 35 years. He spent time studying in India, including three years living in an ashram. His mentors were leading authorities in the field of mantra and meditation. Stephen practices his non-theistic style that fuses Eckhart Tolle and Zen and focuses on relaxing and observing the mind.