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MAY 23 Inherently Strong: The Role of Female Biologists in Facing Global Biodiversity Challenges Conservation biology has been a male-dominated field since its inception, but female scientists have made, important lasting contributions in recent decades. In this talk, Dr. Emily Saarinen will discuss her own work and that of other women on the front lines of conservation, including the challenges regularly faced as women doing fieldwork, museum research, and laboratory studies. Some of the strengths that women scientists contribute to this discipline are multi-tasking, problem-solving, and clear communication—skills that we encourage in the new group of scientists we are training.

Dr. Emily Saarinen is an endangered species biologist and has conducted research on butterflies throughout the U.S. and as a Fulbright Fellow to Malaysia. She leads a conservation genetics laboratory and teaches at New College of Florida, where she is an associate professor and Co-director of the Environmental Studies Program.