Remembering Bob Carlson, Co-founder and past president, SunCoast Alliance for Lifelong Learning (SCALL)

Bob Carlson our past president of SCALL passed away on Sept 19th.

Bob was a good friend and well respected member of our community. Among the many activities Bob was involved in after moving here with his wife Donna from Vermont was Lifelong Learning.

Bob who was heading up Pierian Springs Lifelong Learning Academy felt that our community did an excellent job in promoting our weather, beaches, and cultural activities but overlooked how important lifelong learning was to both our present and future residents.

With this in mind, Bob and I formed SCALL which as you are aware is the “umbrella” organization to promote Lifelong Learning in our area. Bob headed up SCALL for many years promoting our goals. It was Bob who was able to get our area governments to designate November as “Lifelong Learning Month”. Bob’s ideas and involvement will be greatly missed and we have all lost a good friend. We will do our best to keep his vision and mission alive, especially with your participation.

Sam Samelson

President, SCALL