Music Compound

Jenny Alday Townsend

After witnessing the serious problems associated with music education budget cuts in our schools and the number of educators losing their jobs, Sarasota businesswoman Jenny Alday Townsend decided to take action.

In January 2016, she founded a music education facility, the Music Compound, with one teacher in a small studio. Far exceeding capacity just five months later, the Compound took over a 6,500-square-foot facility at 1751 Cattlemen Road, which today employs 30 people, houses 10 private studios, a 1,000-square-foot music lounge and a 3,000-square-foot state-of-the-art concert/event venue. In October 2018, Townsend launched a second location, which comprises four teaching studios in downtown Sarasota at the Bazaar at Apricot and Lime, 801 Apricot Ave.

Music Compound caters to all ages, interests and levels. In addition to private lessons, it offers workshops, summer camps, monthly concerts and more. Now boasting 350 dedicated students, the Compound differs from other facilities in two key ways. “Our music lounge allows members to explore instruments, collaborate with other individuals and enhance their music abilities before or after their lessons,” Townsend says. “And our performance venue provides a stage onsite for musicians to craft their stage presence, artistry development and private lesson experience.”
Music Compound’s mission: to inspire, collaborate and educate, providing access to a wide array of learning opportunities, intended to not only build music skills but also enhance confidence, communication and social interaction abilities.