ITN SunCoast Partners with SunCoast Alliance for Lifelong Learning

Expands Access to Classes and Workshops For Older Adult Learners 

Sarasota/Manatee —  The SunCoast Alliance for Lifelong Learning (SCALL) represents 22 area member organizations that provide learning opportunities across Sarasota and Manatee counties. ITN SunCoast, a local non-profit, ride service, provides nearly 1500 rides each month to people age 60+ or adults with visual impairments in the two-county area. Now, ITN SunCoast will offer Your Ride to Lifelong Learning, a ride service to connect  people to SCALL member classes and events at a wide variety of venues. 

SCALL has a robust website and search function that can match people with area classes by topic, category, instructor, day or venue.  Starting this spring, arranging for transportation can also, if desired, be coordinated during the registration process at

“By working together (SCALL & ITN SunCoast), we can better inform and support people eager to attend lectures, take classes and/or attend special events but for whom transportation is a challenge.  SCALL is thrilled to join with ITNSunCoast in addressing the needs of a segment of our community in need of assistance (i.e., transportation).  SCALL lifelong learning organizations have expressed their support for the Your Ride to Lifelong Learning initiative.  This is a win-win for all involved,” says Bob Carlson, President of SunCoast Alliance for Lifelong Learning.

Arthur Lerman, Executive Director for ITNSunCoast explains, “When people stop driving, their world tends to shrink and they can become socially isolated.  The mental, physical and emotional decline can be devastating.  When an older adult or their adult child discovers ITNSunCoast or other transportation options, the person starts to get out again.  First, it is for things they need to do and often, once comfortable with our friendly and supportive drivers, people start to do things they want to do or used to do.  Our region has such a rich and broad lifelong learning landscape that can enrich not only a person’s brain, but also their social circle. It just makes sense to make taking classes easier.”

For more information about SCALL please call Bob Carlson at 941.408.3723 or visit For more information about ITNSunCoast, please call 941.364.7530 or visit

About ITNSunCoast: A local non-profit organization that provides comfortable, convenient, and affordable transportation to anyone 60+ and adults of any age with vision impairments. Rides are available for any reason, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to anywhere within Sarasota and Manatee Counties provided by trained volunteers and paid drivers. Ride with us or drive for us!

About SCALL: The SunCoast Alliance for Lifelong Learning (SCALL) is a local non-profit organized to raise the visibility of organizations that provide lifelong learning opportunities in Sarasota and Manatee counties.