Path to the Soul

Friday, March 12, 2021
  • March 12, 7-9pm

Dr. Ashok Bedi

Path to the Soul

Lecture: Friday, March 12, from 7 – 9 pm

Jung’s Analytical Psychology draws heavily from the Eastern spiritual traditions. In his magnum opus—Mysterium Conniuctionis, Jung presented his highest synthesis of the alchemy of the individuation process. These include alchemic movement from unio naturalis, unio mentalis, unio spiritualis, and unio corporalis to unus mundus.

The Friday lecture will summarize the basics of Jung’s theory of the individuation process as depicted in his Mysterium Conniuctionis; discuss the overview of the Eastern template of the individuation process; explore the concepts of maya, karma, dharma and moksha as the building blocks of the Eastern individuation process; and present the Eastern views on the unio naturalis—living out of your authentic nature.

The Saturday workshop will amplify the themes summarized in the lecture. We will explore the Eastern perspective on the individuation process amplifying each of these stages from an Eastern perspective. These will be further explored with archetypes of the Eastern and Hindu traditions and clinical material. We will engage the archetypes of the Hindu trinity of Brahma and Sarasvati, the creators; Vishnu and Laxmi, the preserves of consciousness; and Shiva and Shakti, the destroyers of the shadow making room for creation of new consciousness. This workshop will articulate the Eastern template for the unio mentalis, the mapping out of your psyche; illustrate the working of the Eastern path on unio spiritualis, decoding your spiritual purpose; explain the Eastern perspectives on unio corporalis, embodiment of your life and spiritual purpose; and demonstrate the Eastern paradigm of unus mundus, being a meaningful part of the collective, using clinical examples.

Dr. Ashok Bedi, M.D., is a Jungian psychoanalyst and a board-certified psychiatrist. He is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists of Great Britain, a diplomat in Psychological Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of England, and a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Bedi is a Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and a training analyst at the Carl G. Jung Institute of Chicago. His books include The Spiritual Paradox of Addiction, Crossing the Healing Zone, Awaken the Slumbering Goddess: The Latent Code of the Hindu Goddess Archetypes, and Retire Your Family Karma: Decode Your Family Pattern and Find Your Soul Path and Path to the Soul. He is the liaison for the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) for developing Jungian training programs in India and travels annually to India to teach, train and consult with the Jungian developing groups at several centers in India including Ahmedabad and Mumbai. He leads the annual “A Jungian Encounter with the Soul of India” study group under the auspices of the New York Jung Foundation. His publications and upcoming programs may be previewed at

EVENT PRICING: Lecture: $15 members/$25 nonmembers. Combination lecture and workshop tickets: $60 members/$80 nonmembers.