Intimations in the Night: The Soul’s Call to Return Home

Saturday, February 20, 2021
  • 9am - 1pm

Dr. Michael Conforti – online Zoom workshop


February 20, 2021
9:00 am – 1:00 pm



When entering the autumn and winter of life, we often experience a profound lack of orientation. So many of our meaningful accomplishments now begin to lose their luster, and those aspirations and dreams that had set our hearts on fire are now eclipsed by new and strange emotions and desires that are suddenly emerging from the shadows. Standing face to face with the reality that we have aged and now face certain limitations—and opportunities—we never imagined, we are challenged to hear those painful lamentations of ego and youth as we move into this later and eventually final stage of life.

Now it is imperative to know what it is that we so deeply love, cherish, and need to preserve, and then recognize those aspects of life that we need to relinquish, as they no longer satisfy the mandates of the Self. In this lecture and workshop we will seek to understand the Self’s mandates in the aging process by looking at a series of dreams. These will help us to discern the workings of outdated youthful complexes as well as learn to recognize and understand those messages from the Self calling us to a new life. We also will delve into Hemingway’s novel The Old Man and the Sea to understand the challenges of moving beyond outdated attitudes and the consequences of not responding to what is being asked of us.


About the Presenter

Michael Conforti, Ph.D., is a Jungian Analyst and founder of the Assisi Institute. He has been a faculty member at the C. G. Jung Institute in Boston and the C. G. Jung Foundation of New York, and for many years he has served as a senior associate faculty member in the doctoral and master’s programs in clinical psychology at Antioch New England. A pioneer in the field of matter-psyche studies, Dr. Conforti is actively investigating the workings of archetypal fields and the relationship between Jungian psychology and the new sciences. The author of three books, he maintains a private practice in Mystic, CT, and consults with individuals and corporations around the world.