Don’t Like Technology? No worries, STUG is here for you

If you want to learn how to use your PC, Mac or tablet better then Sarasota Technology User Group (STUG) is for you!

STUG’s mission is to bring quality education in using today’s personal technology products, and to provide qualified Sarasota County residents with refurbished computer equipment.

Founded in 1982, STUG is organized exclusively for educational and technological purposes.  This includes the distribution of hardware, software and educational materials to organizations that qualify as exempt 501(c)(3) organizations.  STUG promotes the use of, and encourages the exchange of information among individuals and groups who have interest in technology and technological devices.  STUG is committed to educate members as to the uses of applications, hardware and software of these devices through discussion groups, forums, lectures, seminars, meetings, and other similar efforts.

They are located in Sarasota, Florida, just minutes from Interstate 75. STUG is comprised of more than 300 members making them one of the largest technology users groups in Florida and among the top 10 in the nation. 

Classes are held on various topics including educational classes on popular software, computers, tablets, smartphones, e-readers and other electronic devices.

Sarasota Technology User Group meeting programs have included presenters from Microsoft, Verizon, Comcast, Apple, Corel and many other great companies as well as local experts speaking to a variety of technology subjects. Membership also includes getting your questions answered with their meeting night Q&A, meeting night Help Desk, members-helping-members phone connections and the Yahoo Group’s email help line.  This can also be your opportunity to learn about YouTube, facebook, Twitter, Internet browsing and Email. 

STUG’s computer Refurbishing volunteers have free computers available to students and organizations throughout the Sarasota area. Join now and take advantage of all the great opportunities available.

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