Did You Know? A Summer Sampler

Senior Couple Sit At Home Using Digital Tablet Together choosing courses from the Suncoast Alliance for Lifelong Learning website.Jane: Dick, have you made any choices of classes that you wish to take this summer?

Dick: Well, not sure. Lots of choices. You go first. Ok?

Jane: Now, Dick, this isn’t such a big deal. Let’s explore the SCALL website together. All we do is hit “SUBMIT” in their “COURSE SEARCH” yellow box. Don’t need to enter any information in any of the boxes. Watch.

Dick: Whoa, look at the choices. I didn’t realize how much is going on in Sarasota and Manatee counties in the summer. Ok, let her rip.

So, Dick and Jane started their list of possible options. Below are some of the choices they are considering:

Your list may be different but don’t pass up the opportunity to engage with classes that interest you. Maybe you will run into Dick and Jane in your next class. Enjoy!

Submitted by Robert V. Carlson, President of the SunCoast Alliance for Lifelong Learning