Did You Know? (#5)

Dick: You know now that it is summer, I bet we can forget about finding courses or lectures to attend.

Jane: Well, that might be true, but I think we should check that out further.

Dick: Sounds great but how do you plan to perform such a miracle?

Jane: Dick, if you have been paying attention to how we found classes in the past, you would know where and how to do this.
You’re right, Jane, there are different ways to do this and to discover the variety of summer selections available to people in Sarasota and Manatee counties.

First, by logging in at the SunCoast Alliance for Lifelong Learning home page, you can use the Course Search Box. Here you can select a specific category from an available list of options and/or select a location and/or select a name of an instructor and/or chose any day of the week and/or provide your own key words and then hit the “SUBMIT” button.

However, not all summer opportunities are provided by the Course Search Box. You can go to the SCALL Members page and scroll through the list of members, click on their link to their home page and voila! there will appear guidelines to find current course and lecture opportunities.

You will be pleasantly surprised of the range of choices and opportunities to stay mentally active even in the summer time. In my next issue of Did You Know? (#6), I will highlight some of these choices. Quite a range and 100s to consider.
Submitted by Robert Carlson, President of SunCoast Alliance of Lifelong Learning