Did You Know?

Dick: Parlez-vous anglais? Parli inglese? Habla usted Ingles?

Jane: What are you doing?

Dick: I’m practicing my French, Italian and Spanish before our trip to Europe.

Jane: Well, I think you are going to need know more than just asking if someone can speak English.

Dick: Good point…let’s check SCALL’s website and see what’s foreign language courses are available.
Good thinking, Dick. In fact, there are three organizations connected to the SCALL website that can provide information on language courses. For an in-depth exposure to the French language and culture, you should investigate the Alliance Francaise de Sarasota (www.afSarasota.org).

Also, right now, you can register through the SCALL website (www.SunCoastLifelongLearning.org) for Italian For Travelers being offered by Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy and scheduled to start March 6th. They are also offering Beginner’s Italian Part 2 (same start date). (www.RCLLA.org).

And if that isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, Dick, then you should checkout Adult & Community Enrichment (www.ace-sarasota.com). ACE is offering soon to start language courses in French (2), Italian (1) and Spanish (3) that should prepare you well for your trip to Europe.

Lots of possibilities if you wish to become more fluent in foreign languages!

Bon Voyage…Buon Viaggio…Buen Viaje

Submitted by Robert Carlson, President of the SunCoast Alliance for Lifelong Learning